Your insurance from € 9.99 per month

When we talk about savings, we do mean it

We want to be the insurance which protects you the most...and which you save the most with.

What is Hello Auto Smart?


With Hello Auto Smart you can save up to 50% every year.

Custom price

You will get a tailor-made price from your second year with Hello Auto.

Don't overpay

It's unfair you have to pay for what others do. If you drive well, pay less.

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Drive well and
get a cut of up to 30%

Make the road a safer place

Just for driving smart, you'll join the new Hello Auto drivers' movement. Respect the rules and take care of your driving.

Get a discount as a prize

When your renewal comes up, we'll calculate the price of the new policy considering your good driving performance.

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Be a member of a group of drivers.
Get a cut of up to 20%

Take advantage of being part of a group in Hello Auto. If you are a group concerned about driving correctly and improving road safety, you can benefit from an annual discount of up to 20%

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Insurance products available with Hello Auto Smart

Third-party Insurance

This is our basic insurance. We'll protect you in case of an accident against someone and his/her passengers. Don't worry if you cause injuries or material damages; we'll cover them.

Extended Third-party Insurance

It includes the third-party coverage, but also if your car is stolen or burnt or your windscreen is broken, you can be sure of peace of mind. You're covered!

Full comprehensive with excess

Our fully-equipped insurance. It includes all the coverages mentioned above, but also your vehicle's damages in case of an accident, whether or not you are at fault.

If you drive little, we have a better option for you

If you're an occassional driver, we recommend you Hello Auto Flex.

Hello Auto defends that if you don't take your car much, you shouldn't pay for what you don't use.

You'll pay less than ever with your insurance.

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